Saturday, 15 June 2019

Day Twelve - Stansted Mountfitchet to Canvey Island - The Last Leg

Today James started off at 06:00 from Chimneys in Stansted Mountfitchet he headed down toward Writtle then Chelmsford Stock and then on to The Barge at Battlesbridge where a break would be taken. I decided that I would get the bike out and go to Battlesbridge to meet James however, because I was early I decided to head off to Rettenden Common.  Because we were able to monitor James on Glympse I saw him approaching and greeting him.  I know what it is like as I have done John O'Groats to Lands End twice and the highs and lows of the journey means you have to be so committed.  From the speed James approached up a steep hill on the old A130 to Rettenden Common showed the might of this man and the determination. Even after 850 miles he was focused on finishing strongly.  I take my hat off to James for his timing - we both arrived at 0900 at the Barge where we met Michelle and Bill who also deserve extreme congratulations for their assistance and support throughout the ride. Below are some of the photographs of the final stretch into Thorny  Park where the Canvey Island and Canvey Coast Satellite Rotary Clubs met James and the team in.

 It was a great privilege to meet up with James and ride from Rettenden to Fairglen roundabout.  I left him there and headed back to Rayleigh in order to avoid me deflecting attention from James when he arrived in Canvey.  (And I couldn't keep up with him).


James bicycle journey was made possible by Dudbridge Supplies sponsoring the Diesel, Food and Accommodation. We all had a good time.  It was good fun. Well done to James for not faltering even when the weather was so against him.


He was NOT very good, in fact I heard a comment from James about a little incident at Writtle. James had cycled nearly 870 miles from John O'Groats with no crashes, no injuries and very little in the way of breakdowns with his bike until there was a break for freedom by the little scamp.  James had a full blown crash over the handlebars and causing damage to his knee.  The comment I heard from James was "that little ***************** is going back to Scotland and I don't mind which carrier for all I care he can walk".

Although you can see why he had a break for freedom can't you Bill. Following mistreatment of Harry he was used as a screen cleaner and was then kept stuffed by the nose in a handle by the windscreen. He made a break and the unfortunate accident happened.

Bill don't stick my nose in the handle and
stop using me to clean the sat nav

"Sorry but Im off.  I will not be kept and mistreated
I have even lost my Scottish Accent" said Harry

 "My break for freedom. I'm Off" said Harry.
"Mind the road" said Michelle

"Road What Road?" said Harry 

"Harry - Look Out Mind the bike" said Michelle

"Well Ah suppose all's forgiven now that I have arrived 
on this tropical island.  I suppose being tropical means it
 gets cold and wet just like Scotland" said Harry.


Day Eleven - Fosdyke to Arkesden

Today is day Eleven with an ending in Essex for the night before the final days trek to Canvey Island.  The amazing trip of James should be applauded for the pure determination to succeed and of course the support given by Bill and Michelle who has also given their time to have a nice holiday travelling from John O'Groats to Canvey Island.

The end is in sight and well done all.

The day tomorrow will climax at the Canvey Island Raft Race where District Governor Lesley Sulley will meet James and the team in. Please support Canvey Coast Satellite Rotary Club and make sure that you are there to meet this amazing team.

You are probably missing that wee scamp Harry Haggis and his adventures - I think we may have to write the book as a reminder of how he helped James and the team from him birth in John O'Groats to arrive in the idyllic setting of the home of Canvey Coast Satellite Rotary Club.  This is Harry's penultimate day from this morning to tonight.

Well I suppose with the last day in a hotel I can have a few beers and get ready for my new life on Canvey Island.  Bill, Michelle and James have told me about a place to live where Kings are and they have lots of homes for me to stay in and breed.  Apparently there is also some Camping with a General or two so I could become a mascot for the Army and then there is a place for food which is unlimited called Morrisons and good Scottish name.  At least I wont be lonely there.

 First he adopts me then he trys to use me to clean the sat nav screen.  I'm on the bike then I'm not!!

 then I try to escape and a woman grabs me and wants to put me in her handbag

Friday, 14 June 2019

Day Ten - Epworth to Fosdyke

Todays ride will take James down to the wash and the village of Fosdyke, Lincolnshire.  The ride is getting closer and closer and I would ask if you haven't donated yet then please do.  James has travelled so far over 650 miles all in aid of Prostate Cancer and we need to make sure that we beat the £2000 target.

Over the ride James and team have suffered so many weather related hazards it seemed only right that this late in the ride James should try to cycle down a canal.  Now when you do this it is relatively easy if you put some floats on your bike or you can lean it up on the sign which tells you it is the Sustrans Cycle Netwrok that is flooded not a canal.  What we don't know is did James ride through it find out at the end when everyone meets him at Canvey Island.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Day Nine - Thirsk to Epworth

Just a bit of pre-ride maintenance before heading out to Epworth from Thirsk.

Don't forget that the link below can let you donate to the epic ride that James is doing for Prostate Cancer.  Follow the link below to use the Just Giving Page.

Arrived at Epworth next to the Duke William which seems to be the best place to stop and take refreshments - non alcoholic of course.  Then to the motel for a good nights rest meanwhile...…………….

The Adventures of Harry Haggis and the one who carries the burden of James doing this ride for Prostate Cancer.

He has decided that as he is in England now he will AGAIN hitch a ride from Michelle and Bill - hopefully tomorrow he may well actually ride and support James better. I suppose he is wearing a Prostate Cancer supporters collar.

Following a harrowing 78.1 miles today the wee scamp has decided to search around the route taking photographs and encouraging the devil in him to identify the flora and fauna of the green and pleasant land that he calls The Home of the Sassenachs.

Well that's me done in -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I wonder what it is like on Canvey Island .zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I don't think i'll ride that bike anymore - James can do it  -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Day Eight - Whitley Bay to Thirsk

Today James will be cycling from Whitley Bay to Thirsk.  Last Night James met up with Rotarian Rod Clark from the Rotary Club of Whitley Bay.  Thanks to Rod for taking the time to support the ride in aid of Prostate Cancer.

Todays trip will entail going on the ferry - the Tyne is difficult to get over when you have no floats for the bike.

A difficult trip today with Mud, Dirt and off-road sections that challanenged everyone - well James really not nice when it is pouring down.

Hi everyone Harry Haggis - I know you have all been looking for me yesterday but you know when you are in a strange country - and this is the furthest south I have been - you sometimes have to decide am I going to slow James down by taking my turn to cycle or do you take the easy life and go with Bill and Michelle in the lap of luxury.  Stick to the luxury - so with my headset on and the songs of Moira Anderson and Andy Stewart with Bill adding a little rendition of his own I head for the warmth and comfort.  See you later today -

Don't forget you can donate to James through the Just Giving Page


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Here I am Harry Haggis

Well I must say after coming down from Scotland it wasn't easy to get across the border but yes here I am in England.  I was going to go with James but when I got over the border the language was different for some reason they were gannon doon tha Scotswood road to see tha Blaydon Races well I didn't know what to think of it so I have been hiding in the car with Bill and Michelle.  The last thing I want is to be deported back to Scotland when I haven't had the chance to see the Palm Trees and blue sea around Canvey Island .  Today, James is in Whitley Bay after an 82.9 mile slog against the winds coming in off the North Sea.  Better go for now and see you soon.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Day Seven - Berwick to Whitley Bay

Day Seven from Berwick to Whitley Bay.  It was good for James to make contact with Chris from the Rotary Club of Berwick-upon-Tweed who would be accompanying him for part of the journey. It is always good to have a companion when cycling those long miles especially heading down the North Sea Coast past Holy Island ending eventually at Whitley Bay.  Today the weather is dry but apparently the wind is pretty strong - it will get stronger especially when going past Hogwarts and having to watch out for the dementa's and he who should not be named.  Harry Haggis will be able to pop in and discover his namesake at Alnwick (Harry Potter.  Watch out for flying Anglia's and broomsticks and don't forget to recover the Philosopher's stone.  Have a good day.

There is one thing missing from these photographs and that is a little creature who is having the adventure of his life - yes I hear you all asking - Where Is Harry Haggis, did he get across the border - has he been left in the wilderness - has he run off with the highland cows or Nessie we will just have to wait.

Day Twelve - Stansted Mountfitchet to Canvey Island - The Last Leg

Today James started off at 06:00 from Chimneys in Stansted Mountfitchet he headed down toward Writtle then Chelmsford Stoc...